One Group, Many colours, Many Possibilities

Symphonie Prime is an inspiring and ever-changing group of companies formed by unique minds working side by side to achieve a common goal: innovation.

We are respectful of every idea, every story, every identity

We strive to protect our most important asset: our people. Our primary goal is to create a thriving and stimulating work environment, where everyone is free to express their uniqueness.  

We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit: embodying the motto “act like an owner”

Each one of us contributes every day in creating our own reality. We firmly believe that our differences allow us to live in a various and ever-changing ecosystem.

We believe in collaborating and sharing ideas.

We feel deeply responsible for our work’s outcome, therefore we commit to it with professionalism. We give priority to the collaboration between talents and companies of the group, without ever leaving anyone behind.

We work with courage and passion, driven by the spark of curiosity.

The passion for our work drives us to improve ourselves constantly. We think that curiosity is the motive we excel in everything we do and that the bravery of building new roads together is our distinctive feature.

Tips from our recruiting team on how
to stand out from other candidates:

UPDATE YOUR RESUME   (CV) - tell us who you are and highlight your soft and hard skills.

Whether you are a creative or a technical (analytical) kind of person,  DRAW UP A PORTFOLIO/REPOSITORY GIT  that shows your abilities.

CONTACT US  for any information and    FOLLOW US  on social media.

CHOOSE ONE OR MORE POSITION THAT SUITS YOU   - you will be contacted from our recruiting team to set up a date and get to know each other.

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Onboarding at one of our companies

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